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Welcome to 4th Grade

Dear 4th Grade Families,
Welcome to a fun and exciting year of learning. My name is Miss Cheney and I am excited to be your child's teacher this year.
Fourth grade is an exciting journey. This year students will become more independent while discovering their personal responsibilities for learning. Fourth grade students will be switching classes for major academic subject areas. I will be teaching Math and Science to all fourth grade students. Miss Minichini, my fellow fourth grade teacher, will be teaching Language Arts Reading & Writing. All students attend Social Studies class with their homeroom teacher.  Please see the link below for the Student Schedule for 4-C.
Parent communication and partnership is very important to me and vital to your child’s success. Please take some time to review all of the informational material that is being sent home with your child. Feel free to request an in-person or phone conference at any time throughout the year. You can reach me by sending a note in with your child, email, or calling the School 3 main office.
I look forward to working together to make this year great!

Miss Cheney

Recent Posts

Division with Partial Quotients

A video lesson by Mrs. Lewis reviewing how to to do Partial Quotient strategy for division.
Dear Fourth Grade Families,
Happy New Year!  I am very happy to announce that during the Winter Break I got married!!!!  My new name is Mrs. Andria Lewis.  I know it's going to take a while for us all to get used to this change (including me, hahaha) but I wanted to let you know so that you're not wondering who Mrs. Lewis is!  New name- same teacher!  
4th Grade Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
Fourth graders had a blast working in teams to answer questions about Thanksgiving by searching for clues that were hidden in the classrooms and hallway.

4-M Shark Tank Winning Project by Elijah

Check out this Shark Tank Project presentation! After the class presented, students were given “$100” to invest in their peers design model. This video features the project with the highest amount of investments from 4-M. Congratulations Elijah!
This sneaker advertisement is a great example of how your visual should look for your Shark Tank Project.  Take note of how the special features are displayed in the advertisement.

Science- Engineering Project "Shark Tank" Due 11/13/17

 -See this attachment for the assignment explanation and rubric. 
-The advertisement below is a great example of what I am looking for in your advertisement
-Follow these YouTube links to watch clips of kids selling their products on Shark Tank
-Two teenagers came up with an idea for something to help ice cream cone lovers across the country. 
Rachel Ray- Kids pitch brilliant products to the "Shark Tank" Tycoons

Long Division Cheer

Long division can be a tricky process. We made it fun by creating our own long division cheers! Inspired by the viral division video by Mrs. Ebri's class at La Core Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida.