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Miss O'Mara's Class


Welcome to Miss O'Mara's 5th Grade Classroom Website!

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After a year away from this year's 5th grade students, I am so excited to be back with many of my previous 3rd grade math whizzes! This year I will be responsible for Math instruction to all fifth grade students.  The fifth grade team plans to work closely together so that students can manage the academic and behavioral expectations, as well as general classroom procedures across the different content area settings.  Together, we will prepare for academic success and a smooth transition into sixth grade!

Communication between home and school is vital to student success, as teachers and parents work together in education.  I am committed to making this year a year of excitement and growth.  Children will benefit most when there is mutual commitment from home.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me by email:


Miss O'Mara