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Nurse's Corner


Welcome back to School. I hope it will be a healthy one for you, your family and our school. Please make sure your emergency contact information is up to date in the event your child becomes ill or injured during the school day.



If your child requires any medication or inhaler during the school day please contact me. Forms need to be filled out from your physician and signed by a parent.  MEDICATION SHOULD BE BROUGHT IN BY THE PARENT/GUARDIAN   IN THE ORIGINAL LABELED CONTAINER. NO STUDENT IS ALLOWED TO HAVE OR BRING ANY MEDICATION TO SCHOOL.


Please keep me informed of all illnesses, injuries, physical exams, eye exams, immunizations, routine medications, allergies etc. throughout the school I can keep your child’s health records up to date. If your child needs to be excused from physical education for more than a day or two a doctor’s note is required.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Cynthia Miezeiewski

School 3 Nurse

973 450-3500 ext. 3303